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The St. Louis Cord Blood Bank

As a mother-to-be, you can decide that your baby’s first act may be saving another person’s life. You can do this by choosing to donate your baby’s umbilical cord blood to the St. Louis Cord Blood Bank’s First Gift℠ Donation Program.

The process is safe, painless, easy and FREE. Your physician or midwife collects the cord blood after your baby has delivered, so it does not interfere with the birthing process. The collection will not take place if there is an concern for your safety or that of your baby.

Your free donation will be part of a program that is saving liv​es and supporting research to discover new uses for cord blood stem cells. Units that meet criteria for storage are made available to anyone, anywhere in the world, who needs a stem cell transplant. 

Join the thousands of families who have donated their babies’ cord blood. Help save the lives of people with any one of 80 life-threatening diseases.

Your donation is important because cord blood is needed for people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. 

​The First Gift℠ Donation Program is available only at participating hospitals.​​


Babies are amazing! View this video from Be The Match and find out more about Cord Blood Donation.